Passive Houses in Australia is a relatively new concept- More than 65.000 houses is built across the world to the Passive House Principles.

Passive Houses can be built in all climate zones, from Arctic to Tropical zones.

The PHPP (Software) uses the locale Climate data and adjust the wall and roof thickness to suit the locale Climate.

In most areas of Australia, we are very lucky (as usual) so we do not need to build houses as the do in Northern America or Scandinavia.

The main principles of Passive Houses are:

  • Good Insulation

  • Good Windows

  • Good Ventilation

  • Good Air tightness

  • Good buildings without thermal bridges

Passive Houses use, due to the 5 principles, less energy to heat and cool the buildings.

Gone are the days where UGG boots and Door Snakes are a part of the interior of a new dwelling. With a Passive House you can enjoy the whole house without closing off half of your house in winter as it is too costly to heat up.